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Pick Of The Week

Peach Ripe for Picking- Miss Kelly Kat

“Cherry’s pick of the week”
Kelly Kat

Cherry’s Sexy Choice Instagram Sweet Heart

Instagram: @cottonkelly

Name: Kelly Kat
Age: 25
Star sign: Aries
Hair colour: Brown 
Location: Spain
Occupation: Model and Photographer
Social media handles:

Instagram: cottonkelly

Twitter: mixxcotton


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Instagram: @cottonkelly

Kelly Kat

How do you know Cherry? 
I remember back in 2016, Cherry was this snapchat QUEEN! And I used to watch all her stuff! She’s so fresh and sexy! Love you girl!

How would you describe yourself?
Sweet and Sexy

Are you currently studying or are wanting to study something in particular in the near future? 
I’ve always been interested in cooking … I can say that I am very good at it, but now I’d like to learn techniques and do it in a slightly more professional way. You didn’t see that coming, right? haha.

What do you like about where you work? 
Working from home helps me organize, and have control over my time and duties. And of course, my outfits! lmao

What was your worst job and why? 
My first job was in a store as a saleswoman… I had no experience and after 3 weeks, I got fired! hahaha. But this experience me to learn and be better in my next job.

What is something about yourself that most people are generally intrigued by? 
Well … MY FACE! The biggest intrigue I’ve created on the internet, and I love it!

What is the coolest thing in the city you live in that not many people know about? 
Ok, this is a random / curious FACT! In Madrid we have the Cibele’s fountain, in front of the Bank of Spain. But very few people know that this source works as a flood system if you try to rob the bank. Everything will be filled with water and its doors will close. Crazy right?

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Instagram: @cottonkelly
Instagram: @cottonkelly

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Best place you have travelled to and why? 
I’m a beach person, love to live in a bikini! and so far I have loved to know the south of Portugal and its beautiful coast! A paradise!

What is the best advice anyone has ever given you? 
Leave pride aside and know when to ask for help.

If you were stuck in the elevator and was forced to listen to only one song on repeat, what would it be? 
Hahahahaha, ok, RIGHT NOW “Doin Time” by Lana Del Rey.

Do you have a pet/pet’s?
If so tell us a little about them… I love cats and dogs but I don’t have any pet at the moment.

What is your favourite feature about yourself? 
I think I am a very kind person.

Sweet and Sexy Kelly Kat

Instagram: @cottonkelly

What do you find most attractive in other women? 
I think there is nothing more attractive than self-confidence woman and humility! WOW!

What is your favourite outfit to wear daily vs your favourite outfit for a first date? 
I’m so happy with a pair of jeans and some comfy crop tops!!! But on a first date, a tight dress has never failed me;)

What is your ideal first date? 
I don’t really care about the place, as long as we can talk and get to know each other!

What do you notice first in a guy that you like? 
His smile! (I’m a romantic I know haha).

Which is the best social media platform to find you on? 
Right now I’m working hard on my content and Onlyfans has become my priority! To make good quality daily content!


What are your turn on’s and turn off’s for guys? 
Turn ON: when they are gentlemen! Guys! We love details and being treated well! Turn OFF: showing off about cars/money.

What is the most important thing that guys should understand about a girl, and it seems to you that they do not understand? 
That we are not their toys or sex objects. We can be sexy and glamorous and we can be confident enough to love our bodies and show our bodies but that doesn’t mean they own us or they can buy anything from us.

If you could change ONE thing about men, what would it be? 
They should be the ones getting pregnant! LOL

What have you learned from your past relationship? 
I’ve only had a long and stable relationship in my life … and, fuck it! I’m married! Every day is a lesson, sharing your life with someone else and receiving 100% support is amazing!

Are girls seriously expecting an honest reply to “does this make me look fat?” 
Well I do! (except when I’m on my period lmao). But hey! I like honesty..

Kelly loves to be treated special by a gentleman..

Instagram: @cottonkelly

If you were stuck on a desert island and could only take 3 things what would they be? 
– A Swiss Army Knife -A fishing net -Matches (I’m trying to survive, come on).

What size are your boobs? 
34B! Natural small boobs!

What do you want to say to a guy every time he asks if he can touch your boobs? 
Ughhhhh… guys do that?

How long do you spend getting ready to go out? 
Depends basically on 1 thing! MY HAIR!

Have you seen how long it is right now?
It takes forever if I just got out of the shower…

Can and do you cook, if yes.. tell us about your best meal you can cook? 
I love cooking! And I live in Spain … I would say Paella! I LOVE IT!

Kelly Kat is all natural ?

The best pick up line a guy used on you? 
-“Are you hurted?!” -What? no! Why? -Because you’re a fallen angel Hahahahaha this is super cheezy but I swear he said it in a very cute way and I laughed a lot.

What should a guy never say to a girl? 
“Hey how much for a night?” Please guys, don’t slide on a girl’s DM asking that stupid question.

Is there ever a good time to send a dick pic or are they all as reviled as the Internet makes them out to be? 
Well, if you are having a conversation with someone that interests you and there is sexual attraction, why not?

Why are a lot of women offended by the word “cunt,” but others throw it out there all willy nilly? 
To be honest, I have never lived in an English Speaking country so that word is not very familiar to me. Spanish is my native language so I wouldn’t know for sure.

When should a guy give up on chasing you?
If my answers are a one word reply, or I stop answering you … please stop. There are signs that need no explanation.

What is the worst part about dating?
Expectations vs. Reality lol

Do you stare at a guys crotch like they stare at your boobs? 
Not at all! (There is nothing to see there) haha.

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Instagram: @cottonkelly

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