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How to get a Hot Girl to Swipe Right to you on Tinder?

“How to get a Hot Girl to Swipe Right on Tinder”.

Alright, so you’ve taken a leap of faith, or maybe you got bored on a Sunday afternoon, hungover, feeling a smidge sorry for yourself and you thought you’d try out this Tinder business!

But, what’s the catch?

How do you make sure you get matched with girls who are right for you, and vice versa.

So you’ve pulled out your phone, fired up Tinder, and off you go, left, right, left, right, right. Your finger is busy going crazy thinking about the potential right in your palm. Isn’t it crazy how it’s literally that easy?

These days you meet so many couples who have met on Tinder! So, it can work!

But seriously, what makes girls Swipe Right on Tinder?

Is it heart? Is it head? A combination of the two? Girlfriends? Peer pressure? As it would turn out, there are lots of reasons why us gals opt to go right.

Now, maybe this is just my opinion or maybe there are plenty of other beautiful girls who would agree and follow these basic rules. You choose to take what you like from these tips but, either way, if you want me to swipe right there are a few things I look for in a Tinder profile. First of all, put the puppy down and put your shirt back on. Here’s how to make your profile more desirable.

1. Photo Quality

This should be at the top of the list because it’s one of the first things your new beau will see. One thing you will soon learn, or let me just throw you a bone and save you a catfishing lesson, let’s talk – photo quality.

If the photos look too good to be true, as in, they are glossy magazine worthy quality, then beware. Granted there are some real life models out there looking for love on the app, however, there are even more dudes who create fake profiles in the hopes of accomplishing who knows what.
So, I tend to be partial to grainy, real life iPhone selfies or family/friend shots because that’s indicative that the guy on the other side of the screen isn’t Pinocchio (he’s a real boy).

2. Put the “tool box” away

No, I’m not throwing low blows at builders or the like.
The “tool box” I’m referring to are the massive signs that we see on a bullshit radar pointing out the fact that you’re a major tool. These include, but are not limited to, the absence of a shirt and the presence of a puppy. I will admit that sometimes I can’t resist a blue-eyed beauty holding a bulldog pup, but, probably more so if that involves seeing an in the flesh human on the beach, not so much in your profile picture. And if you’re not on a tropical island, please keep your shirt on and stop flaunting the six-pack mirror selfie.
Do not take photo’s with other people’s children to post just to show you are a “nice guy”.
It is not a good idea when you are just trying to get laid.

This is a massive lame NO NO.

Swipe Right On Tinder!!

3. Get better punchlines

A big thing on Tinder is for people to have punny bios and I love it! If you can make me laugh via text, you’re a keeper. Use your words boys! BUT (yes, there’s a catch) if you’re trying to impress me by being a funny guy, please be original. I have seen enough of the “We can tell our kids ‘we met on Tinder’.” *Insert eye roll and loud gagging noises here* Cut it out.

If you are naturally a jokester, go for it mate, but just do you.

While we’re on bios, here’s another tip, don’t use emojis, use your words – carefully. Avoid lame ass tag lines, stick to simple “love my family, love hanging out with friends”. Talk about your skills and have a play with enhancing them. Not lying – enhancing!
For example, you can go from “I do YouTube videos” to,
“I produce, write and edit videos”. Take your one awesome skill and beef it up!

4. Keep it close to home

Most girls want to know that if they go on a date and it turns out to be a complete mess, they can easily be called an Uber or jump on a train and be home STAT!
We don’t want to be train hopping or walking miles for a date. It’s nothing personal, we girl’s just like to feel safe.
So it’s recommended to keep it close to their home.

5. If you’re a man in uniform, advertise it

If there’s one thing that almost every girl I know always goes for.. it’s a man in uniform.
Be it police, marines, or army, there’s just something about a public servant that turns girls on. Sorry not sorry.
And, they’re pretty much trustworthy straight off the bat.

6. Less is more

Why is your main Tinder photo you and five friends?
Unless one of you is extremely attractive and I can find your friend on your social media, chances are I’m going to swipe left. The only reason I should click on your profile should be if I feel like I need to see more of you. If you’re just making my life difficult and I have to click to figure out who you are, I’m swiping left.

Additionally, a lot of girls are jealous people.
Why are there one or even three attractive females in your profile picture?

Questions to consider.

For most girls, a lot of thought goes into whom we swipe right for, even if it is just a hook-up app.

So, there you have it –

“How to get a Hot Girl to Swipe Right on Tinder”.

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