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Example Dating Profile

Cherrydtv has gathered some of the best example dating profile tips along with the worst dating profiles, just for you.
We will begin with the Tinder profiles and hopefully you can get some cool tips of What Not To Do.

Example Dating Profile –
What Not To Do


Example Dating Profile Tips

Show yourself

Don’t upload a picture of a meme or gif.
Never ever publicly send/post your private parts online. You’re not going to match based on your dick or because your memes look dank.

Women want to see what you look like. The same as you want to see what they look like!

Fill out all the Information

There are a lot of people using these dating apps and if you don’t look like a legitimate profile it will be an easy swipe left.

Don’t lie

Lying is one of the worst things you can do because if you cannot back it up or if they find out you’re lying you’re done. LEFT SWIPE.

Keep it Short and Sweet

No one wants to read a novel, so don’t carry on!
You just need a couple of points.
1. What do you like to do in your spare time
2. What you do for work
3. What you are looking for on the app
4. What goals/ hobbies you have

Learn how to make conversation

We are going to make a post on this in the coming weeks but for the mean time you will need to learn to use your words. There are a lot of sites out there that teach you how to talk to women but this will mainly come from experience.
If you haven’t been participating in human activities like chatting you maybe able to find a chatroom and have chat to people there to see what works and what doesn’t.

Example Dating Profiles


Connect your Social Media Accounts

Girls want to be able to look through your history mainly because they want to know you are a real and you may have better quality photos on your social media accounts.

Read in more detail here..

Don’t talk about sex

I know you want to know her sexually and I know it’s all you can think about!!!!! BUT don’t do it.
If she initiates it then go ahead, but don’t start it.
It can either go one of 2 ways. 1 she’s into it (1% chance) or you kill all your chances (99% chance) it’s really not worth the risk.

Choose your photos wisely

As previously mentioned “NO DICK PICS“!
Don’t take a topless photo in front of your dirty room, toilet in the background or mirror.
You would like some lifestyle shots out and about in public preferably looking well groomed.
Photos would have to be the most important thing for the first impressionsm so make it count.

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