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3 Tips to Manage Anxiety on a First Date

Do you often skip or cancel first dates right at the last minute due to anxiety?

3 Tips to manage anxiety on a first date

Even experienced daters experience the stresses of wanting to make a good first impression. Anxiety can be a sign that you care, but it becomes a problem when you can’t get to know someone. Instead of sending a text to say you won’t be able to make it..

Here are three simple ideas to help you manage those first date nerves.

1. Venue 

The place you choose to meet can play a role in how anxious you feel. Planning is especially useful when meeting somewhere new. Choosing the wrong place can add pressure and stress, affecting how you and your date interact. The location should be safe, so avoid areas with high crime rates or places out of the public. If crowds make your anxiety levels shoot sky high, make use of social media for recommendations and use Google, which has a feature for looking at the number of visitors per hour on each day of the week. Choose quieter times to plan your meet and avoid weekends for popular activities like going to bars, cinemas, or bowling. Opt for activities outdoors, like visiting a pond or going for a picnic.


2. Props 

Taking an object to a first date can be a great idea for giving you something to talk about and for calming those first date jitters. If you have something special to you, taking it along to your first date can show your romantic partner a unique side to you. Maybe your grandparent gave you a pendant on your birthday, which is your lucky charm. The charm could allow you to share stories.

The item doesn’t have to be unique to you to bring along to the date. Pieces of paper can be a great starting point. Split the piece of paper and share half with your date. Ask your date to see who can draw the best picture of their date. Arty activities can be fun for opening up opportunities to flirt and see if there’s chemistry between you both.

3. Be Honest 

Telling your date that you have first date nerves can take so much pressure off the date. Sharing your feelings can create a closer connection from the start. There’s a good chance they’re feeling just as nervous as you and you can both help each other to overcome the dreaded first date.

The world of dating is fun and exciting. Following the three steps above will open up a more relaxed and confident you. The next time you’re arranging a date with someone special, make sure you choose a suitable place to meet, consider using props to help create new topics of discussion, and be honest about your anxiety. 

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