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10 things good men should never do in a relationship

There are some things men should never do in a relationship!!

We all want to be the best we can be in a relationship. We want to be happy, whilst making someone else happy. The good news is, it’s pretty simple, the bad news is, it’s easily complicated.

We have a lot of men out there wondering what they can do to be better, look better, act better, help better, provide better and generally just man up more for your significant other.

Truth be told, there are so many different moving pieces within a relationship and it can be pretty
tricky to try and nail all of them and be awesome at everything. So, if you’re scratching your head
trying to figure out what you can do to make her happy, ask yourself this –

“what can I do to make myself happy”

This question might have you feeling like you are being selfish but can I shed some light on something?
If we are happy, those around us will pick up on that vibe and energy and it will rub off on them, so, sometimes it’s not about BEING anything other than your authentic self.

If you’re looking for a few pointers, look no further, we have compiled a list of “10 things good men should never do in a relationship” hopefully this will help you figure out what you should do in a relationship.

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Be someone they aren’t

You’d think this one goes without saying, but as humans we tend to bend and shape into what our “ideal” partner is looking for. In doing so, we give in to our true feelings, thoughts and needs.
By becoming something or someone that you naturally are not, it creates a relationship based on a
false foundation. Start off the way you intend to carry on.

Avoid confronting conversations

I understand it can be tricky to have those conversations, you know, the ones that make you feel awkward, uncomfortable, anxious and maybe even a little upset.
But, by avoiding having “those” conversations, you are sweeping the unavoidable under the rug.
Eventually all things come out.
If you care about your partner, the best thing you can do is be completely honest and transparent, if you’re no good with words, write it down.

Send messages that you wouldn’t want her to see

It’s like when they say “don’t post anything on social media that you wouldn’t want a employer to see”.
The same goes for your girlfriend! If you are sending messages to someone that you would be 100% not wanting her to read, then maybe you shouldn’t be sending them!


There’s a difference between a white lie and a lie. A lie is something that you do, say or create in order to cover your own ass from something. Generally that something could potentially destroy your relationship if the truth were to come out. So think before you speak, better yet, think before
you act.
White lies are different, that’s when she asks if you bought her jewellery for her birthday and you say no, but you totally did. And she totally already knows it! 😛


This one should go right to the top because it’s so obvious!
If you’re a good, honest man, then those values will flow through into your relationships. Instead of cheating, if you are unhappy, you will talk about it and try and fix it, or you’ll be honest and move on, before you move on.
There is nothing harder to deal with than being cheated on by someone you trusted and possibly even loved.
Be a good guy and end it first, please!!

Text her to break up

Grow a pair buddy. Sure break ups are hard, even if you really want it to be over, it’s never nice knowing that you could break someone’s heart, and having to visually see that sadness is a hard one to stomach. What’s worse is sending a short message letting her know that it’s over with using some lame ass excuse at the end.
Be a man and at least have the decency to do it to her face.

Ask her to change herself

Just as you would expect them to love you as you are, you too need to love her as she is.
Don’t ask her to change herself, whether that’s what she wears, how she does her hair, her makeup, how often she works out or what she does for work, don’t ask her to change.
And never, ever ask her to stop seeing her friends or family!
If something isn’t working for you, maybe she just isn’t the one for you.

Buy her love

Sure we love shiny things and we like to feel special but we prefer words and actions to back up the beautiful, fluffy things you tell us.
Don’t shower us with things but then go out every weekend, don’t take us on fancy dinner dates but then check out every other bird that walks past, don’t drive us around in your car like a trophy and then not spend quality time with us talking.
It’s the little things that create the magic in a relationship, not the things you buy for us.

10 things good men should never do in a relationship

Text her friends behind her back (unless it’s for her own benefit)

What men should not do is to “send messages that you wouldn’t want her to see”.
Please don’t go sending messages to our friends behind out back. It is the number one red light that you are dodgy and more often than not, our friends are going to tell us what’s going on.
So, unless you are messaging them to ask where we love to shop, or where our favourite restaurant is, then please, please don’t secretly message our friends.

Underestimate love notes

Have you ever heard of words of affirmation? Most girls are a sucker for an old school love note.
Whether you leave one in our wallet, lunchbox or somewhere that we frequent like the bathroom
mirror, it will literally make our heart do a dance and it could even land you some happy time later.
Guys, it really is the simple little things that mean the most to us. We just want to feel special, and
different, knowing that you take time out of your day to think about us is one thing, showing us with
a little note is something else.

We hope this has helped you, now go and write a love note!

10 things good men should never do in a relationship

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